Introduction and Company Profile

After many years in Honolulu, Hawaii TC&M relocated the office to Pasadena, California. (This enabled Alan Clarke to be close to his parents.) TC&M provides a full range of services to their clients, and specializes in consulting to other professionals. In April 2001 Shelli McCelvey formed McCelvey Associates (MAI) in Honolulu, Hawaii. MAI continues the TC&M traditions of excellent design and responsive service to their clients.

Grand Hyatt Bali

Experienced and Creative
Tongg, Clarke & McCelvey (TC&M) is the oldest landscape architecture firm in Hawaii. Providing landscape architectural services for hotels, resorts, housing developments, commercial projects and golf clubhouses, TC&M’s clients receive professional assistance in all phases from design through construction to the maintenance and ongoing management of the grounds.

                                                        Integrated Designs
TC&M’s work goes far beyond the development of a landscape design concept and the selection of plant materials. Each project detail receives special attention. TC&M considers both the overall design and the small items which can have a major impact on the project’s long term success. TC&M has the expertise and ability to design exciting site development plans which include all types of swimming pools and water features; energy conscious landscape lighting; water conserving automatic irrigation systems; site grading and drainage; and pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

Pan Pacific Nirwana

Ongoing Involvement
Beginning our work early in the project planning, TC&M continues our services through installation and the start of the owner’s ongoing maintenance program. TC&M strives to minimize the difficulties often associated with landscape installation work, enabling the owner to receive the maximum value from the construction budget.

                                                        On-Site Services
During installation, TC&M’s on-site services include creative direction and landscape construction management. Due to occasional difficulty in obtaining suitable plant materials for major projects, TC&M has developed techniques to modify and adjust the landscape design based on available plants and other materials.
Hyatt Regency Guam

Hyatt Regency Guam

Value Added Features
The purpose of Tongg, Clarke & McCelvey is to add value to each project by managing the landscape design and development processes. TC&M provides all phases of professional services from master planning to detail design, technical coordination and overall project administration. Our core staff is assisted by an extensive network of consultant personnel with special experience and knowledge. TC&M uses state-of-the-art design and communications systems to develop and implement our landscape designs.