Landscape Master Plans

The preparation of the landscape master plan is a key part of the planning process. It describes the landscape design of the entire development; identifies the various design precincts; and proposes themes and design guidelines for the projects in each area. TC&M’s landscape master plans have added substantial financial and aesthetic values to projects.

lm1 Nirwana Bali Resort – Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia
160 hectares (300 acres) of rice terraces and open farm land were converted to the largest resort project on the paradise island of Bali. TC&M worked with the project team from the beginning of the planning and continued through the installation of their landscape designs for all of the resort.
lm2 The Kauai Lagoons – Kalapaki Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
An existing golf course, adjacent sugar cane land and a vintage hotel were combined to create an outer-island destination resort with two Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses, commercial centers and the Westin Kauai hotel (now the Kauai Marriott). TC&M provided the landscape architectural design for all elements of this memorable resort.
lm3 Promised Land Resort – Hualien, Taiwan
Located on Taiwan’s eastern coast, Promised Land Resort is the country’s first world class resort. Combining natural beauty of Hualien with the area’s unique culture, the master plan includes hotels, shopping centers, water and theme parks, and championship golf courses. TC&M has been involved in all phases from the design of the landscape master plan to the construction administration of the resort’s first phase.
lm4 Hokuli’a – Kona Coast – Island of Hawaii
This private oceanfront golf community combines large lots around a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. TC&M designed and helped implement the landscape master plan for most of the resort, working closely with the developer and the construction team. TC&M’s design for the golf course amenities works carefully with the surrounding residential lots and other facilities of the resort.
Both TC&M and McCelvey Associates (MAI) are the Landscape Architects of this project. Services were begun by TC&M and assigned to MAI in April 2001. TC&M and MAI are separate companies.
lm5Lido Lakes Resort – Bogor, Java, Indonesia
In the hills south of Jakarta the developer envisioned a weekend getaway with extensive amenities and a neighborhood atmosphere. The master planner proposed a series of small cul-de-sacs with flowering trees and a variety of identities.
lm6 An-Nasriyyah – Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Working with the Saudi architect, TC&M assembled a design team including master planners and architects to prepare a conceptual plan for a large, waterfront property south of Dharan. Large inlets are proposed to increase the number of shoreline residences, with the excavated material creating some topography on the flat site.
lm7 Permata Hijau – Copylas, Jakarta, Indonesia
This residential community on the outskirts of Jakarta includes about 2,000 homes, commercial and office parks, and other facilities. TC&M worked with the developer, architect and planner to prepare the overall landscape master plan and detail plans for the prototype projects.
lm8Shimei Bay Resort – Hainan Island, China
Located on the east side on Hainan Island, a popular holiday destination for PRC residents and foreign visitors, Shimei Bay Resort will transform over 500 ha (1,250 acres) into a “Beautiful, Colorful and Tropical” paradise. TC&M’s team included Square Peg Design who prepared concepts and guidelines for consistent signage, graphics and wayfinding.
lm9 Hailing Island Resort – Guangdong Province, China
Hailing Island has several waterfront tourism facilities in a rural setting of fishing industries, farms and local commerce. The Landscape Master Plan for Hailing Island Resort presents design studies and ideas for key areas. The studies offer new ways to consider the resort’s landscape design, which are very different from the local experiences of the Chinese visitor. Square Peg Design was part of TC&M’s team. Their Graphics Concept Plan illustrates graphic themes and concepts for the resort’s six zones.
lm10Medan Hotel and Residences – Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia
Combining a resort-business hotel with a conference facility, sports center and premier residential sites this project developed an rural site overlooking a beautiful river to create a unique business opportunity TC&M’s landscape master plan provided strong visual links with the roadways while creating individual settings for the component projects.

lm11Planter’s Haven – Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Set in the Malaysian foothills this residential community with a variety of parks and open spaces used the existing topography to create a unique living environment. TC&M worked with the developer and the engineers to develop an economical and practical solution for the project. It was an overnight success!
lm12Borneo Highlands Resort – Penrissen Mountains, Sarawak, Malaysia
In the highlands of Borneo TC&M’s client planned to develop a destination resort. One of the key features is a 25 acre (10 hectare) flower garden with numerous themed areas. The garden would enable the guest to experience many different beautiful floral settings as they changed throughout the year. TC&M worked closely with the client’s team to develop the master plan and outline the ongoing operation and maintenance of the facility.
lm13Bandar Sunway – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
As Malaysia’s capitol grew a visionary developer began the conversion of an abandoned tin mine into a theme park and hotel facility for suburban neighbors and Asean visitors. TC&M worked closely with the land planner as the initial design was prepared. Landscape master plans were prepared for the overall project and many of the component developments.