Parks and Other Facilities

Over the years, TC&M has provided landscape architectural services for a wide variety of unique and trend-setting facilities. The landscape architecture of many facilities has been the dominant feature. TC&M’s contributions have added substantially to many projects’ financial success and public acclaim.

p1Saipan Beach Walkway – Garapan to San Jose, Saipan, CNMI
This 2.5 mile (4 kilometer) paved walkway connects the Memorial Park and major hotels with a local commercial area. The walkway is popular with both the local residents and the visitors. The walkway meanders along the shoreline and includes sitting areas, beach access points and a variety of vistas. The project has been very successful and expansion plans are now under consideration.
p2Borneo Highlands Resort – Penrissen Mountains, Sarawak, Malaysia
In the highlands of Borneo TC&M’s client planned to develop a destination resort. One of the key features is a 25 acre (10 hectare) flower garden with numerous themed areas. The garden would enable the guest to experience many different beautiful floral settings as they changed throughout the year. TC&M worked closely with the client’s team to develop the master plan and outline the ongoing operation and maintenance of the facility.

p3The Princess’ Mosque – Kampong Jerudong, Brunei
Built as a gift from the Sultan’s second wife, this mosque is located near a popular park. TC&M developed the overall site plan, combining carefully planned roadways and circulation for both the royal entrance and the main entry. Water features begin at the roadway and continue into the mosque facility. Lush plantings create an attractive and peaceful setting for the beautiful building.